How do I access the Cellular Phone Authorization Form and FAQ’s regarding cell phone authorizations?

Step 1. Log into FlashLine from


Please type in the Search Box (found at the top) : Cellular Device

(if not found move to Step 2)

Step 2. Under Employee Worklist & Workflows, select My Worklist

Step 3. Under HR & Employee Workflows, click on Cellular Device Authorization


Step 4. Complete the Cellular Device Authorization Form.  The left-hand column information will pre-populate from Banner.

Step 5. Check the box under Employee Authorization and click Submit



Do I need to submit a Cellular Device Authorization request?

Employees authorized to have a university cellular device must submit a new authorization form each year (per administrative policy 7-02.15). This includes employees who have access to a university-owned device or who receive a stipend for their personal cellular device.

Who will approve my request?

The workflow follows the same approval hierarchy as the Expense Reimbursement workflow.  Once a request is submitted, the next level approver will be notified via email.   For all requests, final approval resides with the responsible vice president or designee.

What types of authorizations are available?


  • Employees authorized to receive a payroll stipend will be paid at one rate per month for a standard voice plan and an additional amount per month for employees required to obtain a voice and data plan. The employee selects and contracts for cellular service.  Since this will be a personally-owned plan, there are no limitations for the lawful personal usage of the cellular device. The payroll stipend is considered taxable income by the university, will be subject to payroll taxes, and will be included on the employee’s W-2 form each year.  

Discretionary “personal use”

  • Cellular service and equipment is provided to the employee through a university contract. Personal usage of the phone or device is not permitted except on an exceptional basis.  The employee is required to certify which calls are for business purposes on a monthly basis by signing a Cellular Service Reimbursement Form and attaching to billing document. Department supervisors are required to review the Cellular Service Reimbursement Form and sign that phone records are accurate.  Employee is required to reimburse university for all personal usage (i.e. calls) at a pro rata rate-for all calls contained within the “base usage limit” and at the actual costs for all other personal transactions.  In addition to the reimbursement costs, each monthly reimbursement shall include an additional ten dollars ($10) to help cover administrative handling costs

Automatic reimbursement

  • Cellular service and equipment is provided to the employee through a university contract.  The employee is charged monthly at a flat rate of 25% of the base monthly rate of the standard university plan to allow for limited “personal usage.”  At the end of December and June, the employee will review each of the previous six months of billing documents and complete and sign a Cellular Service Reimbursement Form.  No additional reimbursement to the university is required if the analysis reveals no personal usage exceeding 25% of the base usage allotment.  Calls exceeding the 25%, but remaining within the base allotment are reimbursed on a pro rata basis.  Calls producing added charges to the university above the base fees are reimbursed at the actual cost.  Each reimbursement must also pay a ten dollar ($10) handling charge.

Who is charged for my cell phone?

  • Stipends are charged according to the job labor distribution of the employee's primary position.  If a change is needed, a Salary Distribution Revision Form should be completed.  This form is available in the forms library on the BAS Forum website

  • Personal Use and Reimbursement plans are paid according to the Index/Account distribution indicated on the periodic invoice submitted to Accounts Payable for the cost of the cellular device and service.  The reimbursement portion of payments accompanying the Cellular Service Reimbursement Form should be coded the same as the periodic invoice.  This form is available in the forms library on the BAS Forum website

I’m only seeing Personal Use option – why is that?

Employees whose salary is fully or partly paid from a sponsored project are not eligible for the stipend option. If a cellular device has been budgeted on a sponsored project and approved by Sponsored Programs, a university-owned phone may be provided under the "personal use" option. Under this option, personal calls are not permitted and any personal usage must be reimbursed to the sponsored agreement on a monthly basis.

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