The Business Administrator Services (BAS) Forum promotes cooperation and communication between central administrative financial offices and the many and varied decentralized business office functions across Kent State University.

This is done by providing business and finance related orientation and training opportunities for personnel with business management responsibilities, and by facilitating networking and dialogue among financial professionals university-wide. BAS serves as a central support system for business professionals at the unit level, while at the same time promoting a dual focus on both unit level needs and university-wide financial objectives. BAS was created to address the streamlining of financial administrative processes and improve cross-divisional communications on matters affecting financial management of the university.

BAS Forum Mission

The mission of the Business Administrator Services Forum is to continuously improve the university's financial decision-making processes.  The BAS group will work in partnership with the academic and administrative management of Kent State University to develop and sustain a network of qualified financial professionals who provide efficient and effective business process services and solutions, focused on unit level needs and university-wide objectives.

BAS Forum Objectives

  • To provide university academic and administrative management with timely and accurate business information with which to make informed business decisions, thereby maximizing university resources.
  • To streamline financial and administrative processes, thereby allowing maximum focus on the academic mission and objectives of the university.
  • To partner with the academic and administrative management of the university to provide business solutions which address unit needs as well as the financial requirements of the university.
  • To provide consistent, quality training, consultation and continual professional assistance to managers and their support staffs.
  • To promote the communication and sharing of ideas related to proven business solutions and innovative business processes among financial professionals university-wide.
  • To promote the continuing professional education of financial professionals in order to enhance the provision, interpretation and analysis of financial data.