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The BAS Forum brings together business managers and staff with various financial and administrative management responsibilities from all of Kent State University's eight campuses.

The forums, through quarterly live streamed events and website content, are designed to keep members aware of current and upcoming business process improvements, system developments, and general topics of financial, business, or administrative nature. Member feedback is the cornerstone of the forum so please use the BAS forum membership link below to gain access to our BAS Forum teams channels for direct access to other members, important announcements, and quarterly meeting materials and invitations

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We need your feedback!

The BAS forum is here to bring you topics that are relevant to you and the job you do at Kent State University. Feel free to submit your ideas, suggestions, and feedback in the “Communication and Announcements” channel in the BAS forum Teams group.


Contact Information

Please use the BAS forum Teams group to reach out. If you are not part of the BAS Teams group, feel free to reach out directly to Stina Olafsdottir, Assoc. VP Business and Administration Services/University Bursar