Academic Diversity Outreach

Academic and career exploration opportunities that challenge and support students to reach their full potential

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Information on Kent State cheating/plagiarism policy, Plagiarism School, and faculty resources

Academic Success Center

Comprehensive descriptions for free academic support services for undergraduate students such as TRIO, tutoring, and supplemental instruction

Advsing (By College; By Campus)

Link to University Undergraduate Advising, by college and by campus

Career Exploration and Development

Information about incorporating career focused assignments, request a class presentation, referring students to the Center

Center for Adult and Veteran Services

Provides necessary tools to help adult and veteran students reach the highest success in their education
Course Signals (PDF)

Collegiate Recovery Community

Information about support services to students who are in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use disorders

Disruptive Student

Link to student conduct code policy

Disruptive Student Reference Guide (PDF)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Student Centers and / services

Student centers and services involving diversity such as Women’s Center, Student Multicultural Center, LGBTQ Student Center, Office of Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS), and TRIO Upward Bound

Early Alert System

Instructions for faculty and staff to identify and communicate areas of academic concern for undergraduate students

Green Dot Awareness

Learn more about prevention of power-based personal violence that relies on the power of cultural and peer influence

International Students and Scholars

Homepage for International students and scholars

Library - Student Resources

Information on a wide range of library student support services for course assistance and research

Policy Register

University policy guide in entirety

Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services

Contact information if you or someone you know is assaulted

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Contact information for overview of university policy, programs, and services for students with disabilities

Student Legal Services

Students will find help understanding and resolving legal issues they might face while a student at Kent State University

Student Ombuds

A resource for students regarding any complaint, grievance or appeal that may be academic or non-academic in nature

Summer Advantage Program

Learn more about this program designed to assist underrepresented students to graduate in four years and envision a path for the future by building a support network of peers and professional staff


Title IX

Sexual harassment, including sexual misconduct, is a form of gender discrimination and is strictly prohibited by federal and state law, as well as university policy


University College

Information is included about academic coaching, success coaching, tutoring, and the supplemental instruction program

Women's Center

Information about resources and referral programs and services

Writing Commons

Support for KSU students at all levels and in every academic discipline with any projects that include writing