Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Information on Kent State cheating/plagiarism policy, Plagiarism School and faculty resources

Advising (by college; by campus)

Link to University Undergraduate Advising, by college and by campus

Accreditation, Assessment and Learning

Web-based as well as text resources for assessment of student learning


Canvas - instructure

Canvas is our new learning management system.  Support for faculty, resources for students and links for logging-in

Career Service Center

Information about incorporating career-focused assignments, requesting a class presentation and referring students to the center

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Information on events, educational resources, services and programs

Change in a Minute

Change in a Minute is designed to provide faculty with clear and evidence-based strategies that work. This site is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Science of Learning in Education at Kent State University

Continuity Guide

If emergency conditions should cause the cancellation of on-ground classes, this guide will help you facilitate your classroom at a distance. 

Curriculum Services

Information regarding curriculum guidelines, Educational Policies Council, Forms library (e.g., Establish or revise a course, certificate program, major or degree)

Disruptive Student Behavior

Click the link above to view the student conduct code policy

Disruptive Student Reference Guide 

Division of People, Culture and Belonging

Current offering of workshops, trainings and facilitated dialogues to develop diversity and inclusion within departments

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Information about policy for undergraduate and graduate student progression through ESL and program release

Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR)

ELR defined, examples and information for faculty

Faculty Grades Processing FAQs

General information about processing and posting grades

Flash Survey (Student Surveys of Instruction)

Faculty information regarding the use of electronic Student Surveys of Instruction (Flash Surveys), including links to FAQs, questionnaire personalization, survey timeline and training center are available at this site.

NBC Learn Higher ED

Information about NBC Learn Higher Ed and using it as a Kent State University student, faculty or staff member

Office of Global Education (OGE)

Working with international students, education abroad and international scholar information

Science of Learning and Education Center (SOLE)

Information about the center;objectives—developing bench-to-bedside models for education research and cutting-edge research in the laboratory, in the classroom and in the field

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Contact information for overview of university policy, programs;and services for students with disabilities

Student Records Policy (FERPA)

General information about FERPA for Kent State University

Student Survey of Instruction (SSI)

Information about Student Survey of Instruction (SSI)

Understanding English Score Equivalencies (ESL)

English Competency Test score equivalency chart for Kent State University

University Teaching Council (UTC)

Information about teaching and curriculum development, funding opportunities and Annual Teaching Council Conference

Writing Commons

Support for Kent State;students at all levels and in every academic discipline with any projects that include writing

Writing Commons - Lesson Ideas

Unique lesson ideas provided by the writing commons at Kent State