About Us

The School of Art Collection and Galleries at Kent State University comprise seven spaces (CVA Gallery, Collection Room, Payto Gallery, Crawford Gallery, Michener Gallery, Downtown Gallery, and the KSU Hotel Gallery) on the Kent campus and downtown Kent.  The galleries exhibit art from local, regional, national and international artists with new exhibitions every four to six weeks.  Students also have opportunities to exhibit their work in many of these spaces.

The collection consists of over 4,000 historical and contemporary art objects, contained in an open storage space located at the Center for the Visual Arts.  The space is easily accessible to classes so students can get up close and even handle objects.  The mission of the School of Art Collection is to acquire objects important to the history of the school, as well as works created by women and artists of color.

Please check out addendum, our compliment to the Kent State University School of Art Collection & Galleries exhibitions and projects.