International Tuition and Fees

Below please find tuition and living expenses for an international student for one academic year.

Estimated Expenses 2019-2020 (Also for Issuing I20's)


International Undergraduate (12-18 credits) (Full time for immigration purposes)

International Graduate (calculated at 9 credits) (Full time for immigration purposes)


Tuition and Fees (1 year, two semesters) - out of state tuition cost) *




Living Expenses (estimated)




Other Costs:"Medical Insurance and Books/Supplies"(estimated)








* Costs may vary depending on student's individual plan of study.  

For issuing I20's, additional proof of finances must also be provided for dependents as follows:

  • $4,500 for spouse or other first dependent
  • $2,500 for each additional dependent

The university requires all international students to purchase the sponsored student health insurance plan. Under certain criteria, a student may request a waiver of this charge. 

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