Graduate College Academic Advisory Council (GCAAC)


  • The GCAAC shall consist of members of the faculty with voting privileges, elected from the eligible electorate of graduate faculty.
    • Each college housing graduate programs enrolling 1-999 graduate students will have one faculty representative.
    • Each college housing graduate programs enrolling 1000 or more graduate students will have two faculty representatives.
    • Each college shall also elect an alternative.
    • Two additional members are elected at large from the non-tenure track faculty. One ex-officio member shall the Graduate Dean or their designee.
  • Elected members will serve for 2 years.
  • Faculty who are eligible for election to the GCAAC must meet the following requirements
    • Full graduate faculty status
    • Have taught a graduate course in the last two years and/or supervised a thesis/dissertation to completion during the last two years.
  • Faculty with full graduate faculty status shall select the GCAAC by simple majority vote. Tenure-track faculty are only able to vote for candidates in the academic college they hold graduate faculty status. Non-tenure track faculty shall select the GCAAC non-tenure track faculty representative by simple majority vote.
  • The chair of the GCAAC will be elected by the voting members at the beginning of the academic year. The chair will serve for one (1) year.
    • Responsibilities of the chair:
      • Prepare agendas
      • Set the schedule of meetings
      • Preside over meeting
      • Serve as a resource to assist in the development of curricular proposals
      • Review curricular proposals for technical accuracy
      • Sign off on the final recommendations before they are forwarded to the Dean and/or Educational Policy Committee (EPC)
      • Report to Faculty Senate on matters of the Council and items requiring a vote

Graduate College - Academic Advisory Council (GCAAC) Roster

Name College Rep/Alt Title
Ali Abdul-Aziz CAE Representative Associate Professor
Simon Adamtey CAED Alternate Associate Professor
Brian Barber EHHS Representative Associate Professor
Gargi Bhaduri CoTA Alternate Associate Professor
Alan Brandyberry ACCoBE Alternate Professor
Sheryl Chatfield PH Representative Associate Professor
Kelly Cichy EHHS Representative Associate Professor
Matthew Crawford A&S Representative Associate Professor
Dana Hansen CoN Alternate Associate Professor
Mary Hogue ACCoBE Representative Professor
Eric Jefferis PH Alternate Professor
Taryn McMahon CoTA Representative Associate Professor
Jen Mou A&S Alternate Professor
Richmond Nettey CAE Alternate Professor
Marilyn Nibling CoN NTT Representative Associate Professor
Sue Roxburgh A&S Representative Professor
Denice Sheehan CoN Representative Professor
Said Shiyab A&S NTT Representative Associate Professor
Cassie Storlie EHHS Alternate Associate Professor
William T. Willoughby CAED Representative Associate Professor
Teddy Workneh CCI Alternate Associate Professor
Yin Zhang CCI Representative Professor