Graduate Student Organizations

The Kent State University graduate student community is home to several student organizations. Check out their websites at the links below for more information and events.

Graduate Student Groups

  • Black Graduate Student Association – Supporting the academic, professional and social needs of Black graduate students and opening the doors to higher education to more individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds, BGSA is dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence, mentoring, professional guidance and social support.
  • Graduate Student Senate – Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is composed of senators from all departments and programs on campus that have graduate programs on the master and doctoral level. Through regular meetings, the senate seeks to improve graduate student life and research on campus through student initiatives and research grant funding.
  • International Graduate Students Association – The purpose of IGSA is to meet the professional, academic and socio-cultural needs of International graduate students within the Kent State Community while also providing social opportunities for members to relax and relate through recreational and scholarly entertainment.
  • QGrad – The official student organization for LGBTQA+ graduate and professional students at Kent State University. By organizing social, educational and professional events, QGrad aims to address the specific and diverse needs of Kent State’s LGBTQA+ students. 
  • Sri Lankan Students Association – Sri Lankan Students Association -Kent State University (SLSA- KENT) promotes mutual understanding and cooperation among Sri Lankan Students at Kent State.


Discipline-Specific Graduate Student Groups

    • Association of Graduate English Students (AGES) – A.G.E.S. is a dedicated space for graduate students in the English department that fosters a sense of community, connects them with academic resources and opportunities, and advocates for their well-being. 
    • Biology Graduate Student Council – Organizes events for the Department of Biological Sciences to unite the graduate students and faculty.
    • Biomedical Sciences Student Advisory Council – The purpose of the organization shall be to aid the Director of the School of Biomedical Sciences (Director) in advancing the training in all aspects of graduate student education and encourage collaboration of current BMS students in all five programs at all campuses.
    • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Center of Excellence – The center was founded by Irvin Cardenas ( - a respected and experienced figure in the blockchain space - The BC2 was founded with the core mandate of introducing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to Northeast Ohio Region.
      We focus on developing the skills and talents required to succeed in this new trillion dollar industry - exposing student to worldwide events, career opportunities, network opportunities and invited guest lectures from renowned individuals in the field.
    • Chi Sigma Iota – an international honor society for counseling students, professional counselors, and counselor educators.
    • Communication Graduate Student Association – The purpose of CGSA shall be to involve graduate students in the Kent State University School of Communication Studies and those with a Communication focus in the College of Communication and Information and to better their graduate program experience, specifically for social activities and professional development.
    • Computer Science Graduate Student Association – Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSS) aims to help Computer Science graduate students succeed in both their academic and social undertakings and to support the graduate student learning environment within the department of Computer Science.
    • Graduate Association of Student Personnel Practitioners (GRASPP) – The mission of the Graduate Association of Student Personnel Practitioners (GRASPP) is to offer personal and professional development opportunities for graduate students in the Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel Program at Kent State University. 
    • Graduate Organization for Teachers of English as a Second Language (GOTESL ) – GOTESL is a chance for students who are apart of the TESL M.A. program to partake in various activities/events, meetings and discussions. We are using this club to have the partake in TESL discussions outside the classroom without the stress of school.
    • Haymaker – The Haymaker Literary Journal shall be to provide editorial experience to graduate English students and recent graduates at Kent State University while showcasing up-and-coming creative work from local, national, and international writers.
    • iSchool Graduate Student Advisory Council – The mission of the iSchool Graduate Student Advisory Council is to serve and advocate for graduate student needs. The Council functions as a bridge between students, administration, and faculty, and works to enrich graduate student life through social events and professional development opportunities.
    • KentLingua – KentLingua is the organization of graduate students enrolled in the Institute of Applied Linguistics (IAL) at Kent State University, Ohio. The Institute is affiliated with the Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies (MCLS).
    • Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) – It shall be the purpose of Minorities and Philosophy to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy. This will include addressing issues of underrepresentation within the profession; theoretical issues regarding philosophy of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, disability, native languages, etc.; and philosophy done from diverse perspectives.
    • Phi Alpha Theta, Psi Chapter – Phi Alpha Theta is a national history honor society dedicated to promoting the study of history and civic engagement at all levels of society. The Psi Chapter at Kent State continues this mission through various events such as Fireside Chats with our department faculty, holding an annual food/clothing drive for a local shelter, and speaking with History majors/minors about the organization.
    • Physics Graduate Student Association – The Physics Graduate Student Association (PhGSA) strives to promote camaraderie among students interested in physics and to work with physics department faculty whenever possible to improve the physics community in Kent at large.
    • Scientista (Graduate Chapter) – Scientista is an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering preprofessional women in the sciences. They focus on the professional and personal development of members, and provide community building experiences with social events and attending conferences hosted by the national Scientista team. Graduate students from all science disciplines are welcome! 
    • Student Affiliates in School Psychology – Our chapter of SASP follows student professional development, service, networking, and advocacy as established by the American Psychological Association (APA).
    • TransHum – The mission of TransHum (Translating across Humanities) is to build and strengthen a community among graduate students across different disciplines interested in the intersection between Translation & Interpreting Studies and Humanities. TransHum fosters discussion and debate on current trends in translation by creating a space that offers opportunities for scholarly and professional development, community involvement, and social exchange.
    • VCD|247 – The purpose of VCD|247 is to educate, expose, and provide resources to students interested in anything and everything relevant to the world of graphic design; and to foster a strong sense of community between the students of Kent State University and the professional design community at large.
    • Women in Mathematics – The purpose of the WIM shall be to promote and retain women in math and related areas of study, to pursue a mathematical discipline in teaching, research, or working in industry. The WIM shall coordinate and promote activities, programs and fundraising events which are of support to the goals of the organization