Graduate College Fellows

Our 2024-2025 Graduate College Fellows have been selected!


Interested in joining our team next year? Here is the info:

Graduate College Fellows are graduate student leaders who work closely with the Graduate College staff to design, organize, and facilitate the Fall and Spring Graduate Student Orientations. Graduate College Fellows will lead breakout sessions during the morning of Graduate Student Orientation and act as ambassadors for incoming graduate students. To apply to be a 2024-2025 Graduate College Fellow, please complete the following survey. This survey will ask you to submit a statement from your advisor or department that affirms that you are in good academic standing and respond to the below questions. 2024-2025 Fellows will be expected to attend 2-hour weekly meetings in July and August (Tuesdays 1-3 pm), and to assist with the Fall Graduate Student Orientation (August 15), the Graduate College Open House (date tbd), and the Spring Graduate Student Orientation (January 10). Fellows will be compensated $500 for their work with the Graduate College. 

Survey questions:

  1. Why are you interested in supporting the Graduate Student Orientation as a Graduate College Fellow? (recommended 100-250 words)
  2. One aspect of this role will include leading a breakout session about a topic for new graduate students. What experience do you have with leading presentations, mentoring other graduate students, etc.? (recommended 100-250 words)
  3. What experience do you have working in a diverse and collaborative environment? What strengths do you bring to a team? (recommended 100-250 words)
  4. What campus resources have you found to be particularly useful to your journey as a graduate student? What resources would you recommend for new students? (recommended 100-250 words)
  5. What is your best piece of advice for a new graduate student?
  6. What is one thing you wish you would have known before starting graduate school?


2023-2024 Graduate College Fellows:

Graduate College Fellows

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