FlashPitch Competition People's Choice Award: Prashant Ghimire

Meet Prashant Ghimire, the People's Choice FlashPitch Competition Award recipient. Prashant is a Biological Sciences Ph.D. student majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Please give a short overview of your research:

I am interested in avian research and conservation. At the KSU Lamichhaney lab, I am using genomic tools to understand population demographic history as well as high altitude adaptation of birds.

What made you choose to pursue your graduate degree here at Kent State?

I chose KSU because of the incredible research environment. KSU promotes student's creativity and provides training in their respective fields.

 What do you enjoy most about attending Kent State for graduate school?

I enjoy the comfortable and respectful environment at KSU. Being an international student, I was nervous about my graduate school. But, since I arrived here, I found my second home at Kent State.

What are your future goals?

I aim to explore virgin landscapes of the world such as high altitude of Himalayas through an eye of evolution. I want to join academia and train students to solve pressing ecological problems.

What does this award mean to you and how will it aid you?

Being awarded the People's Choice Award as a first-year Ph.D. student is a wonderful feeling. I love to communicate science. FlashPitch is a wonderful platform to showcase research in limited time. This award is a stepping stone for me to move forward in spreading scientific evidences.

POSTED: Monday, May 2, 2022 10:59 AM
UPDATED: Saturday, June 22, 2024 09:09 AM