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Meet Marwan Shalih Maraicar, a Graduate College Fellow and doctoral student in the Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics program. Read on to learn more about Marwan's favorite places in Kent, what they enjoy doing in free time and what advice they have for incoming graduate students.

Where is your hometown?

I am from Parangipettai, India.

Why did you choose Kent State University?

Kent State University drew me in with its irresistible allure. What captivated me beyond its prestigious academic reputation was the university's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge research in my field. The exceptional faculty, known for their expertise and dedication, promised an environment ripe for intellectual growth. Moreover, Kent State's emphasis on fostering a diverse and inclusive community deeply resonated with my values, ensuring a supportive and enriching educational journey. Choosing Kent State was a natural decision, driven by my desire to excel academically, broaden my horizons, and contribute meaningfully to a vibrant scholarly community.

What do you like most about living in/near Kent? Do you have a favorite local spot or activity?

Living in/near Kent is a true treasure, offering captivating experiences that ignite my sense of adventure. The scenic Portage Hike and Bike Trail, a picturesque pathway winding through stunning landscapes, beckons as an enchanting escape into nature's embrace. Whether cycling through vibrant greenery or strolling along peaceful paths, the trail provides a serene sanctuary for reconnecting with the great outdoors. And in the heart of downtown Kent, vibrant events and a welcoming community create lasting memories. Discover the joy of outdoor exploration and the vibrant pulse of community life in Kent.

What is your favorite KSU memory?

Among my cherished memories at Kent State, finding quiet solitude in the library holds a special place in my heart. Within my private study space, surrounded by books, I discovered a sense of peace and security that connected me deeply to my goals and aspirations. Witnessing everyone's diligent work and accomplishing each task fueled inspiration and determination. The library became my sanctuary, where focus thrived amidst the collective dedication of the KSU community.

What are some differences you've noticed in being a graduate student (expectations, pressures, visibility, etc.) than those of an undergraduate student?

Transitioning into a graduate student role at Kent State has been transformative, unveiling higher expectations, pressures, and opportunities for growth. As a graduate student, independent thinking, original research, and critical analysis take center stage. The elevated academic rigor and depth of knowledge push me to delve deeper into my field. The pressure to contribute meaningful research and make scholarly contributions drives me to excel and embrace challenges head-on. Moreover, graduate students enjoy increased visibility and recognition, presenting work at conferences, collaborating with esteemed faculty, and engaging in cutting-edge research. This expanded visibility promotes personal and professional development, fostering a sense of belonging within the scholarly community.

What advice do you have for incoming graduate students?

To incoming graduate students, I offer this advice based on my personal experience at Kent State: Embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Immerse yourself in the rich intellectual community, attending departmental seminars, colloquia, and guest lectures. Seek out mentoring relationships with faculty members who inspire you and can guide you along your academic journey. Collaborate with fellow graduate students, as their diverse perspectives will enrich your understanding. Finally, remember to nurture your well-being, finding balance through self-care practices and maintaining a supportive network of friends and family. With dedication and perseverance, your time at Kent State will be transformative and rewarding.

Fun Fact About Me:

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