Student Services


2017 GSO Team Photo

Graduate Student Orientation 

Graduate student orientation (GSO) is held prior to the start of both fall and spring semesters for new Kent State University master's and doctoral students. GSO is an opportunity for new graduate students to learn about campus resources and meet faculty, staff, administrators, and new graduate students. The orientation program includes a resource fair, small group sessions and a blend or interactive and lecture workshops. Entering graduate students have the opportunity to become integrated into the Kent State community and to enhance academic, personal and professional success while here upon completion of graduate study. In addition, many academic programs hold orientation activities that provide more discipline-specific information for their incoming graduate students.  

Expectations for Graduate Education

This document outlines the expectations for graduate students, graduate program faculty, academic departments and programs, and the Graduate College across all the university's campuses. Working groups consisting of graduate associate deans, faculty, professional staff and graduate students from across the university compiled the expectations.

Students preparing to eat pizza at GSS Gradfest

Graduate Student Senate

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) represents the concerns of the graduate student community. By serving as an allocation body, GSS is responsible for assisting with graduate student travel and research funding. Additionally, GSS organizes and provides financial support for social activities for graduate students across academic disciplines. GSS meets four times each semester, and lunch is always provided. An event called GradFest is held monthly at local establishments and allows students to socialize and network with their peers. All graduate students are welcome to become involved with GSS.