GSO Teaching Fellow: Paul Geis

Meet Paul Geis, a graduate student orientation (GSO) teaching fellow who is pursuing his Ph.D. in cultural foundations. Read on to learn more about his favorite places in Kent, what he enjoys doing in his free time and what advice he has for incoming graduate students.

Paul Geis GSO Teaching Fellow

Where is your hometown? 

New York, NY & Alliance, Ohio

Why did you decide to come to Kent State? 

I was looking at various programs in the area and the Cultural Foundations program here at Kent State aligned perfectly with my intellectual and career interests. I was fully convinced that this was the program for me when I had the chance to attend the mid-point presentations of two doctoral students during my visit to campus. The type of scholarship in which they were engaged represented exactly the kind of academic community I wanted. The other students in attendance were so friendly and welcoming. The faculty, including the school director, posed challenging yet supportive questions. It was a great introduction to the program.

What is your favorite place in Kent? 

Tree City Coffee on Erie Street, downtown

What advice do you have for new graduate students? 

Ask questions and utilize resources. Just because you are a graduate student, you are not expected to know everything. Your advisor, faculty and many others are invested in your success and are here to support you – but you need to take the initiative and be proactive in contacting them with questions or concerns. Reach out to your subject librarian if you are having difficulty finding specific texts. Take advantage of various trainings and workshops that are available on technology, research tools, teaching and more. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I enjoy plant-based cooking and baking at home, especially when I can use fresh ingredients from my vegetable garden.