Student Spotlight: Sayoni Dutta

Sayoni Dutta is a doctoral student in Kent State’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program in the Department of Biological Science. While the current pandemic has brought unique challenges for Sayoni as an international student, she has overcome these obstacles to achieve great professional success and advancements in her research. 

Sayoni is a microbial ecologist working with drinking water plants in Ohio. Her research interests include monitoring pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in both surface and drinking waters to assess the efficiency of treatment techniques used by our water treatment plants. She also works on the efficiency of biological degradation through microbial processes to remove contaminants from water. Sayoni emphasizes how stressful research can be when you are worried about the safety of your loved ones. To overcome this stress, she has relied on her friends to remind her that with patience she will persevere through the difficult times.

Sayoni’s research interests have led her to receive the Herrick Grant, as well as a certificate of excellence in Environmental Science and Design Initiative Symposium – testaments to her determination to persevere through the challenges 2020. 

After completing her doctoral program, Sayoni plans to continue working in water quality, specializing in drinking water management with water treatment facilities or companies that consult and monitor contaminants in watersheds and rivers. Within a consulting company, she would like to aid in strategizing management techniques to develop more efficient methods for water decontamination.

Sayoni is grateful for the vast number of resources available to Kent State students for independent research, including access to statistical consulting, low-cost software, research materials through the library, research grants and funds for research expenses. These resources have made research one of her favorite parts of her Kent State experience. Sayoni also loves spending time outside on campus, especially on the secret swing behind the library.

In her spare time Sayoni enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music, dancing and watching movies.