Banner 9 Goes Live on October 15, 2018

The Division of Information Technology is in the process of upgrading Kent State's Banner ERP system to a new version.  While the INB interface is changing, the background processes and form names will not change.  Go to Information Technology Banner 9 for highlights and navigation quick guides.

Banner 9 Grant Quick Guides

Finance Queries

Grant Inception to Date Form (FRIGITD) - View budget summary for a specific grant, cost share, or program income index.  Similar to the Grant Budget Summary Cognos report.

Grant Transaction Detail Form (FRIGTRD) - View transactions for a specific grant, cost share or program income index.  Similar to the Transaction History Cognos report.

Non-Financial queries

Grant Maintenance Form (FRAGRNT) - View information such as Title, Agency, Period, etc. for a specific grant.

Grant Code Inquiry Form (FRIGRNT) - View all grant for a particular field of interest such as PI, Org, Agency, etc.

Grant Organization Inquiry Form (FRIORGH) - View all grants for a specific Responsible Org code.

Grant Personnel Inquiry Form (FRIPSTG) - View all grants for a specific Principal Investigator.

HR/Payroll Queries

Labor Distribution Data Inquiry Form (NHIDIST) - View salary and benefit charges for a particular field of interest such as Index, Employee ID, Org, etc.  Similar to the Labor Distribution Cognos report.

Employee Jobs Form (NBAJOBS) - View appointment for a specific person.




Grant Administration Round Table Discussion Group

This group consists of RCM Managers, Business Managers, and other clerical staff that provide financial oversight and administrative support for grants assigned to their unit.  They meet for one hour each month to ask questions, share experiences, and build a knowledgeable community of support.  If you would like to be invited to these meetings, please contact Sponsored Programs.  Meetings typically include a brief informal presentation followed by open discussion.  By sharing our experience we can develop best practices to provide a solid foundation for research administration at the department level.

Past topics have included

  • Reviewing Effort Certifications for accuracy
  • Shadow systems to monitor grant expenditures
  • Banner pages that are critical to good financial management


Training Sessions

The offices of Grants Accounting and Sponsored Programs host a series of informal discussions to help grant administrators navigate the day to day management of restricted funds.  Attendees listen to a brief presentation followed by open discussion.

Previous topics:

  • How to read financial statements in Flashline
  • Understanding cost share
  • Financial monitoring strategies that work
  • Direct vs. indirect costs
  • Audit hot topics

If you would like to receive notification of the Training Sessions, please contact Sponsored Programs.

Training Videos

How to retrieve financial statements in Flashline

This tutorial walks through retrieving the Budget Summary Report in Flashline.  The Budget Summary Report is used for department and cost share indexes, but not Grants.  Please use the Grant Budget Summary Report for grant indexes.

Learn about the Report