2022 Funded Distinguished Dissertation and Thesis Awards

Healthy Communities Research Institute Distinguished Dissertation and Thesis Awards

Abigail O'Brien
College of Arts and Sciences
Masters Student in Psychological Sciences
Project:  Social Psychological Perspective to Understand how Thought Processes Influence Decision Making and Behavior in Health Contexts
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Taber

Benjamin Agbemor
College of Arts and Sciences
Doctoral Candidate in Geography
Project: Analyzing Household Water Insecurity and Migration Decisions in Urban Ghana
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Sarah Smiley

Cindy Wilk
College of Nursing
Doctoral Candidate in Nursing
Project: Refinement and Psychometric Performance of the Family Willingness for Caregiving Scale (FWCS)
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Amy Petrinec

Nouf Alsaheil 
College of Public Health
Doctoral Candidate in Health Policy and Management
Project: Investigating Ohio Health Commissioners' Perceptions and Experiences on Decision-Making During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Dissertation Chair:  Dr. John Hoornbeek

Reham Bakhsh
College of Public Health
Doctoral Candidate in Prevention Science
Project: A Comprehensive Test of the Health Belief Model and Selected Environmental Factors in the Prediction of Physical Activity, Dietary Behavior, and Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge of Saudi Arabian University Students in the United States
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Hallam