2023 Funded Distinguished Dissertation and Thesis Awards

Healthy Communities Research Institute Distinguished Dissertation and Thesis Awards

Emily Erb
College of Education, Health, and Human Services
Doctoral Candidate in Exercise Physiology 
Project: The Effects of Repeated Wingates at Normobaric Hypoxia on Measures of Performance, Hemodynamics, Autonomic Modulation, and Cognition
Dissertation Chair: Dr. J. Derek Kingsley

Eniolufolake Ayoade
College of Public Health
Doctoral Candidate in Prevention Science
Project: Personal and environmental factors associated with tobacco use and cessation attempts during pregnancy
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Mary Step

Reema Kousar
College of Public Health
Doctoral Candidate in Epidemiology
Project: Assessment of cardiovascular disease risk factors, knowledge, perception, and health literacy level of the Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese immigrant population in Ohio
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Madhav Bhatta

Wjdan Jogadi
College of Arts and Sciences
Doctoral Candidate in Chemistry and Biochemistry
Project: Development of Novel Photoactivable Platinum (IV) Prodrugs Based on Click Chemistry
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Yaorong Zheng