Title: Stress-Out

PI:  Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett (College of Arts and Sciences)

Co-PIs: Dr. Javed Khan (College of Arts and Sciences), Dr. Mary Hogue (College of Business), Dr. Tameka Ellington (School of Fashion, College of the Arts), Dr. Arden Ruttan (A3B, LLC, Principal Wearable Developer/Programmer)

Stress is a critical factor in black-white infant mortality disparities. Our team will partner with A3B, LLC to develop Stress-Out an app-based wearable that provides expectant Black mothers with musical cognitive restructuring, a cognitive behavioral tool that allows them to monitor and reduce their real-time stress level. The psychosocial and biomarker data available from Stress-Out will give a healthcare provider a real-time indicator of anxiety and stress. Data collected from the Stress-Out wearable pilot study may serve as an early indicator of these emotional health conditions and can alert a healthcare provider to undertake further assessment to determine if intervention is warranted.