Institute for Excellence - Alumni

Kent State's Institute for Excellence (I4E) is a membership-driven leadership development program. Eligible faculty and staff first become members by completing the program. Leadership development doesn't end with completion, however. To continue to grow and develop as a leader, you must continue to educate yourself about the field of leadership, much as you might do with conferences relative to your specific field of expertise.

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Levels of Achievement

The I4E Levels program is designed to acknowledge the achievement of completing the program and provide incentives for your continued return. The three achievement levels are designed to acknowledge the completion of continued education and to provide incentives.  As members accrue development hours for the Institute for Excellence programming, they progress toward Silver and Gold levels. Each level comes with various incentives and rewards. A digital badge is awarded to a member once they complete a set number of programming hours. The levels are:

  • Bronze Level - I4E graduates attending up to 30 hours of continued programming  
  • Silver Level - I4E graduates with 31 - 59 hours of continued programming
  • Gold Level - I4E graduate with 60+ hours of continued programming

Continuing Education Requirements

It is the individual's responsibility to maintain his or her membership and stay in good standing by completing a minimum of 8 hours of programming every two years based on the year of the I4E completion.