Be Well Solutions-Employee Wellness

Kent State University’s Division of Human Resources is pleased to partner with Be Well Solutions to enhance our commitment to support and promote the health and well-being of the university community. 

All full-time, benefits eligible employees have the opportunity to participate in a number of resources around nutrition, exercise, emotional balance, being a smart patient….to name a few. In addition, employees have access to a confidential online health risk assessment (HRA), complemented by on-site biometric health screenings offered by Be Well Solutions.

Be Well Solutions will offer telephone, online, and face-to-face health coaching to all benefits eligible employees. Health coaches can assist individuals in addressing any concerns or risk factors that may have been discovered during their assessment or they may also help with personal wellness-related goals. Examples of this include smoking cessation, developing a 5K training plan or weight management. 

Contact:  Be Well Solutions

Phone:  216-378-0888



Eligible:  KSU employees

Cost:  N/A

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