Employee Wellness Ambassador

Are you interested in becoming an Employee Wellness Ambassador?

Do you see yourself as a Kent State role model for health and wellness within your department?  If so, then you should apply to become an Employee Wellness Ambassador!

Wellness Ambassadors promote university-sponsored wellness programs and activities that encourage good health and improve the quality of life, while serving as a liaison between department/regional campuses, and the director for employee wellness.

The ultimate goal of an Employee Wellness Ambassador is to engage fellow employees at the local level to participate in wellness programs and activities.  Increasing engagement can be done by expressing wellness opportunities to fellow departmental employees, sharing ideas for new opportunities, and being available for any questions employees may have concerning their participation in programs.

For more information on the Wellness Ambassador program, email wellness@kent.edu.

Wellness ambassadors

Employee Wellness Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities
  • Serve as a liaison between department/regional campus and the director for employee wellness 
  • Promote university-sponsored employee wellness programs and activities that support good health and improve quality of life 
  • Act as a champion for employee wellness and catalyst for change
  • Provide feedback to the director for employee wellness 
  • Support and endorse strategic health initiatives by personal participation
  • Distribute approved communications, resources, or prizes to those participants in your designated area 
Characteristics of a Successful Employee Wellness Ambassador 
  • Enthusiasm for the role 
  • Ability to assist in the delivery of wellness programming to the department/regional campus level 
  • Accessibility to e-mail 
  • Demonstration of sound independent judgment in terms of modes and frequency of wellness communication to colleagues 
  • Willingness to generate and share ideas 

All Employee Wellness Ambassadors must obtain supervisory support and approval to act in the volunteer role via an application process. Serving as an Employee Wellness Ambassador should require no more than two hours of time per month. Employee Wellness Ambassador assignments are voluntary and any scheduling or work conflicts should be reviewed with your supervisor. Your application must be reviewed and approved by your supervisor.

An Employee Wellness Ambassador is a faculty or staff representative that voluntarily serves as a liaison between the director of Employee Wellness and the respective department, college or regional campus. The goal is to engage employees at the local level in the university-sponsored wellness programs and initiatives. Potential Employee Wellness Ambassadors must discuss this application with their immediate supervisor/manager to ensure managerial support of the role and the expected time commitment of no more than two hours per month.