Don’t ditch your meal prep!

When you’re home alone, no one is there to judge you for eating six cookies for breakfast, but your body won’t thank you in the long run. To avoid unhealthy eating habits, make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy food options and plan out your meals snacks ahead of time. Stick to an eating schedule just as you would during a normal week of working in the office. Eat meals away from your desk. Set caffeine limits and don’t forget to drink water. Portion out your healthy snacks and make them easily accessible so that you’re less tempted to mindlessly munch on sweets and junk food. Limit unhealthy foods kept in the home so you don’t reach for products high in sugar, salt and fat when experiencing stress. For additional help with nutrition while teleworking, schedule a telephonic health coaching appointment with a Be Well Solutions dietitian through the portal or email