FWA Responsibilities

Employees - Draft a FWA proposal for the supervisor’s review using the Flexible Work Arrangement Request Form.

  • Work with supervisor to document arrangement.
  • Maintain performance standards and correct any issues as they arise.
  • Understand and adapt to colleagues’ various work schedules. 
  • Review ongoing arrangement with supervisor routinely and at least annually..

Supervisors - Review flexible work arrangement proposals submitted by employees. 

  •  Make a determination whether the proposed arrangement fits with business needs, communicate the outcome to the employee (and other staff members as needed), and work with the employee to document the arrangement. 
  • Be consistent in the review process when approving or denying flexible work arrangements, and make the decision process as transparent as possible.
  •  In situations where a request may be determined infeasible, consult with HR Employee Wellness representative prior to issuing the denial. Consider alternatives to unfeasible requests. 
  • Review ongoing arrangements with employees routinely and at least annually.

Division of Human Resources/Employee Wellness - Consult with employees and supervisors on policy interpretation and best practices for integrating flexible work arrangements. 

  • Consult with a supervisor who makes the determination to deny an employee's flexible work proposal, prior to the denial being issued. 
  • Maintain records of all FWA Request and Termination forms.