Get up and move at regular intervals.

With Stay at Home orders in effect, it might be tempting to sit at our computers and/or in front of a television all day. It’s easy to let the hours get away from us, but sitting for long periods is detrimental to our health AND our productivity. To combat becoming sedentary while teleworking, make a commitment to get up at least once per hour. At minimum, try to follow the down for 60, up for 3 rule. For each hour you spend sitting, get up and move for at least 3 minutes. The best way to ensure you’re actually taking the movement breaks your body needs, is to SCHEDULE them! Use the tools you already have at your disposal, like setting Outlook calendar reminders to move every hour. If you wear an activity tracking device like a Fitbit or Garmin, don’t ignore the built-in movement reminders (Pro Tip: many devices now also include a “Relax” or mindfulness feature). Even a load of laundry or an oven/crockpot can provide a timer, and bonus – peppering these activities in throughout the day gets you up and moving, too! If you need a little extra motivation, you may want to download an app to remind you to move or take a moment to relax and regroup.