Gratitude Graffiti Stop Directory

April Month of Gratitude:  See a stop, take a pause, add your gratitude graffiti!

Gratitude Graffiti Project image

With great enthusiasm, the Kent State community has responded to the Gratitude Graffiti project launching the April Month of Gratitude all across Kent State University!

Gratitude Graffiti is a practice of purposeful reflection and appreciation. Individuals “take a pause” to reflect on someone or something they are grateful for. They provide a gift to themselves and their community by writing what they are grateful for (on a wall, on a window, in a note, etc...) and adding it to the “Gratitude Graffiti” location.

Below is a full list of Gratitude Graffiti Stop locations.  If you see a stop, take a pause, and gift yourself and your community with a note, or picture, of gratitude.

Gratitude Graffiti Stop Directory

Ashtabula Campus 

Academic Success Center
Main Hall Faculty/staff lounge
Main Hall, Second floor counseling center
Main Hall, Second floor outside open computer lab
Main Hall, Student Services window
Robert S. Morrison Health and Science Building,  staff lounge

College of Podiatric Medicine 

1st floor entrance to the Library
2nd floor in the Quiet Study Corridor

East Liverpool Campus 

Mary Patterson Building, front lobby
Mary Patterson Building, mail room

Geauga Campuses

Burton, Student Lounge
Twinsburg Academic Center, Student Lounge, room 126

New York Fashion Design Studio

Lecture room door

Salem Campus 

Main Building, Academic Learning Commons
Main Building, Faculty/Staff Kitchen
Main Building, Health and Science Wing faculty office

Stark Campus

Main Hall, Room 132 (Student Services)

Trumbull Campus

Student Services Office 
Classroom Building, Upper Commons


Founders Hall, Outside Faculty Offices 

Kent Campus Locations

Administrative Services Building, Glass foyer in lobby
Administrative Services Building, Kitchen area
Administrative Services Building, Mail Services
Aeronautics and Technology Building, Room 202
Burbick Building (Downtown) IdeaBase, Glyphix Studio
Business Administration Building, Career Services Office, A309
Business Administration Building, Third floor lobby
Cartwright Hall, Suite 145
Cartwright Hall, Room 220, College of Teaching and Learning
Centennial Court C, First floor lobby by Formal Lounge
Center for the Performing Arts, Outside of A-100
Center for the Performing Arts, Lobby of the Speech and Hearing Clinic
Center for the Performing Arts, C305, Resource Center in Music Education wing
Center for the Performing Arts, Room D-0044
Center for the Performing Arts, E-101
Center for Undergraduate Excellence, Suite 151
Center for Undergraduate Excellence, Suite 169
Cunningham Hall, Room 255, Biological Sciences
DeWeese Health Center, Lower level break room
Harbourt Hall, Third floor hallway
Harbourt Hall, Conference room 104 window
Heer Hall, on a table in the main lobby
Heer Hall, Wellness Resource Room window
Kent Hall Addition, Second floor, near room 211
Kent Student Center, Lower level, LGBTQ Student Center
Kent Student Center, First floor, Student Multicultural Center
Kent Student Center, First floor, Information Desk
Kent Student Center, First floor, Events and conference services office
Kent Student Center, Second floor, Office of VP Student Affairs
Korb Hall, Front lobby
Lincoln Building, Break room
Liquid Crystals Materials Science Building, Room 201
Lowry Hall, Second floor, above water fountain
MACC Annex, Room 164
MACC Annex, Room 266 
Mathematical Sciences Building, Lobby
Mathematical Sciences Building, Computer Science window
McGilvrey Hall, Second floor hallway
Moulton Hall, Main entrance
Nixon Hall, Front office
Oscar Ritchie Hall, First floor, in front of Uumbaji Gallery
Power Plant, Reception area
Research 1 Building, Right inside the door
Schwartz Center, near rooms 103/111
Schwartz Center, 207 entry way
Schwartz Center, Room 208 
Schwartz Center, Printer room 210J
Schwartz Center, 217-E 
Smith Hall, Main Office
Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Windows to Pro Shop and Aquatics
Stewart Hall, Across from reception area
Stopher Hall, Honors College library
Stopher Hall, Lobby
University Library, Third floor; room 370
University Library, Fourth floor, Writing Commons
University Library, Fifth floor
University Library, Fifth floor, room 518
University Library, Eleventh floor hallway
Van Campen Hall, Lobby
White Hall, First floor glass doors on each side of building
White Hall, First floor, room 107
White Hall, Second floor Instructional Resource Center
White Hall, Outside of room 300
White Hall, On the table outside room 404
Williams Hall, Main lobby near room 111
WKSU Broadcast Center, Room 107 

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