The benefits of regular movement are countless –  it keeps weight in control, lowers chronic disease risk, strengthens your muscles, keeps your bones strong, and promotes relaxation, better sleep and mood, strong immune function, and more.

Kent State seeks to provide an environment that supports physical activity, rain, snow, or shine. When Ohio weather permits, you can rent a SPIN bike or scooter and/or join a “move” community and get active outside. Recreation and Wellness Services offers an array of services available all year long, including some that you may not know about. You can attend group classes, get one-on-one fitness training, swim, ice skate, and more right here at Kent State. Exercise routines are easier to stick to if you have fun with it! Check out the resources below to learn of opportunities to get moving here on campus, home, and in your community. 

Aquatics Programs-Recreation and Wellness Services
Be Well Solutions-Employee Wellness
Customized Fitness Programs-Recreation and Wellness Services
Employee Wellness (visit Calendar of Wellness Offerings)
Equipment Issue Desk-Recreation and Wellness Services
Facility Rental-Recreation and Wellness Services
Fitness Consultation-Recreation and Wellness Services
Spin Bike Share Program-Recreation and Wellness Services
Group X Classes-Recreation and Wellness Services
Intramurals and Community Sports-Recreation and Wellness Services
Ice Arena Programs and Public Skating-Recreation and Wellness Services
Move Communities and Maps

This is a unique opportunity for us to build our “move” communities here at Kent State University.  Do you have a walking date and meeting spot you launch from weekly?  Have a running or 5K you’re preparing for and looking for a running mate?  Are you a rock-climbing enthusiast or have an interest in learning how to rock climb?  Perhaps you are a lunchtime stroller, morning swimmer, or bike rider who would welcome and enjoy like individuals.  We welcome all “movers” from all campuses to share opportunities to join you.  Below you will find groups and individuals that meet regularly and welcome others who may be interested. 

As a tool for our movers, we have included a printable map with seven routes ranging from quarter-mile to 3-mile for the Kent campus and have also included a non-marked map for individuals that might like to map their own unique routes and share with our community. If you have a map or community that you would like to add to this page, please email

We can all help build a healthy campus one “step” at a time.  

Kent Campus Opportunities:

Regional Campus Opportunities

Outdoor Rental Center-Recreation and Wellness Services
Personal Training-Recreation and Wellness Services
Reformer Pilates-Recreation and Wellness Services
Special Events and Races-Recreation and Wellness Services
Teambuilding-Recreation and Wellness Services


The TREK program is currently full and we are not accepting additional registrations at this time.  Please continue to check back for future registration options. 

Please contact Chris at with any questions. 

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Do you love exploring the outdoors?  Do you need a good fresh air break every now and then?  Do you want to discover local hiking trails?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a great program for you! The Adventure Center and Employee Wellness have partnered together to encourage YOU to get outdoors by taking part in our T.R.E.K. KSU program.  By signing up and paying for this program, you will receive a hiking stick with the TREK KSU main medallion. 

There are specific programs offered through TREK in which you can participate and earn additional unique medallions to add to your hiking stick.  See our Attaching Medallions Instructions Page for instructions on how to attach your medallions to your stick.

Some programs include an additional fee as listed on the chart.

TREK Programs Offered at KSU

You can also track your own personal treks as part of the program.  Any outdoor treks can count!  Check out our Outdoor Resources for additional opportunities.

As you participate in the treks, use our TREKker form to keep count of the total number of miles you’ve trekked. When you reach 25, 50 and 100 miles, you will receive another medallion for your stick!  

TREKker Form

TREKker Totals