Many chronic diseases, injuries, and mental illnesses are preventable. You can dramatically reduce your risk of adverse health events by changing the way you live and being proactive about your health and wellness. Below you will find many resources to support you in preventive care.

Auditory Processing Evaluations-Speech and Hearing Clinic
Be Well Solutions-Employee Wellness
Customized Fitness Programs-Recreational Services
Diagnostic Evaluations and Therapy-Speech and Hearing Clinic
Educational Health Programs-Women's Center
Emergency Assistance-Women's Center
Employee Wellness (visit Calendar of Wellness Offerings)
Environmental Health and Safety-Flashtrain
Fitness Assessments-Recreational Services
Hearing Aids-Speech and Hearing Clinic
Hearing Evaluations-Speech and Hearing Clinic
HIV Testing-University Health Services
Immunizations-University Health Services
Impact Solutions Employee Assistance and Work Life Program-Employee Wellness
Influenza Vaccine-University Health Services
Lifestyle Wellness Coaching-Recreational Services
Mammograms - Mobile Mammogram
Alcohol Screening-University Health Services
Depression Screening-University Health Services
Osteoporosis Screening-University Health Services
Pregnancy and Parenting Resources-Women's Center
University Health Services