Screening Process


  • Employees arriving for their screening appointment will check in with an Employee Wellness representative in the lower lobby of Heer Hall. All participants will be provided a mini bottle of hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • If you are more than 5 minutes early to your appointment, or the screening/waiting area is at capacity, you may be asked to wait in the lobby until another participant exits the screening/waiting area.

During the Screening 

  • Participants will check in with a Be Well Solutions staff member upon entering the screening area. 
  • Each participant will be directed to a station to begin their screening and will advance through the screening process with the same BWS staff member to limit person-to-person contact. 

Screening Results

  • Results will be delivered either individually or to a very small group. Results review areas will be properly spaced to allow for social distancing and sanitized after each use. 
  • Alternatively, after a participant has been screened, they may choose to leave at that time. Screening results will be posted on the BWS portal, and they can schedule time to review their results with a BWS dietitian if they so choose.  

Results Waiting Area and Prizes

  • There will be a limited number of chairs in the waiting area that will be spaced out and regularly sanitized. 
  • There will be a self-serve station in the waiting area where participants can pick up a newsletter, complete and turn in their Tier 1 Consent, Waiver & Release Agreement, and view available raffle prizes. 
  • Rather than our usual ticketing system for the prize raffle, all screening attendees will be automatically entered into the raffle. Once we select and contact winners, the winners may choose their preferred prize.  
  • Employee Wellness representatives will be present to explain the process to participants and clean the waiting and results areas.