Tobacco Cessation Program

Individual activity: Tobacco Cessation Program

Reward points per activity: 50

Reward points maximum allowable per activity per year: 50

Details: Complete a tobacco cessation program.  
For smoking cessation  resources, visit

How to report activity: If you participate and complete the "Kick Nic" (Freedom From Smoking Program) through Be Well Solutions, it will automatically be recorded. If you use another program, please log in to the Be Well portal, under "My Wellness" select "Program Forms and Information", print and complete the "6-Tobacco Cessation Program" form. Return completed form to Be Well Solutions via email to or fax to 440-498-1366.  

Be Well Portal:
Be Well Phone: 1-888-WEL-SERV (935-7378)

Additional information:  Account registration required if not previously completed. Instructions for first-time access to Be Well Solutions web portal can be found at