Weigh of Life Challenge

More Than Weight Loss - It's a Weigh of Life

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January 24 through April 17, 2022

Weigh of Life is a 12-week educational lifestyle change program designed to support successful, sustainable weight management through balanced eating, regular physical activity, and self-monitoring - the three “pillars” of science-supported, long-term weight management.

Weigh of Life will focus on holistic, achievable behavior change. Over the 12-week period, Be Well Solutions will help participants adopt a lifestyle that will support overall health and wellbeing. If you have a goal to lose weight, you just might do so in the process…but this challenge is for anyone who wants to prioritize their wellbeing, both physically and mentally. 

You will be provided educational videos, handouts, resource guides, worksheets, and accountability via daily food and activity tracking (Weigh of Life app now available for Android and Apple users). You will also have email access to registered dietitian nutritionists for personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice. You will not be competing against others, just striving every day to be your best self. Whether you’re motivated by weight loss, disease prevention, or simply just want to feel healthier, Weigh of Life is here to help! Below is a glimpse into the areas of focus for each week:  

  • Week 1: Introduction to Weight Loss
  • Week 2: Purpose of the Plate
  • Week 3: Health in Motion
  • Week 4: Shopping for Success
  • Week 5: Being Prepared
  • Week 6: Navigating Menus
  • Week 7: Stress Less
  • Week 8: Push Through Plateaus
  • Week 9: Fuel Your Workouts
  • Week 10: Temptation Triggers
  • Week 11: Special Events
  • Week 12: Long-Term Success

Participants must actively participate in at least 10 of the 12 weeks of the challenge AND achieve an overall participation score of 70% of the available points to receive 70 Wellness Your Way reward points towards Tier 2 for 2022. Points will be updated by Be Well upon challenge completion.

Weigh of Life 2022 Kickoff Presentation

How to use your Weigh of Life Tracker

*This challenge is administered by Be Well Solutions and is open to all full-time, benefits eligible employees only.