International Studies Testimonials

"You are the single most responsible person for striking my interest in learning to be "aware" of what was so foreign to me in the past. I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done, and I hope to have the chance to fill a seat in one of your classes in these next few years."

“Professor Mazzei is the most professional and motivating professor I have had.”

"This Saturday, ... I will graduate from [...] University School of Law, with honors. During my time at Kent State University, you were one of the best professors I ever had. You were passionate about everything you taught..."

“I have taken more from this course than any other of my university career.
I’ve learned to take various and new approaches to studying conflict and political science.
This prof is an inspiration and I am grateful for this experience.”

"I started International Finance today, and each day we are given an assignment to listen to NPR Planet Money pod cast and write a summary on it. Today, I got to write about Haiti having to import rice because they produce it to [sic] expensive compared to the US and their subsidies. Just wanted to let you know I learned a lot in your class and I will be recommending it to others."

" are one [of] the people that have helped me realize that I am at school for a reason. ... Your classes are always awesome and always remind me of why I chose the major I did and ultimately why I [am] here in college."

"... ever since that conversation last semester in the economy class about democracy, it's been an issue constantly on my mind. ...[I am] a little suspicious of a term that is so easily thrown around and not as easily defined. ... [A]nyway, [I] assume that the reason you teach this stuff ... is to create a level of critical thinking outside of the classroom, and [I] thought [I’d] let you know that you have done that for me."