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The Kent State University School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences & Humanities provides an academic home for innovative approaches to complex questions.

Welcome from our program coordinators!

  • Welcome to Kent State University’s paralegal program!
 I have the pleasure of serving as Director. I have a passion for the law and spent eight years as a full-time litigator.

  • Born in Russia and raised in Israel, Chaya Kessler served in the Israeli Army Intelligence Unit before teaching High School in her hometown.

  • LGBTQ Studies is recognized as one of Kent State’s most cutting-edge programs in interdisciplinary work, providing students with a sophisticated understanding of the ways in which we can address a singular but complex question with dynamic and appropriate research tools.

  • I write on behalf of our program—Women’s Studies. We greet you, not merely I. We .... welcome you, invite you in. We are glad you’re taking a peek, giving us a listen.

  • Welcome to International Studies! This is a major that takes you on a journey of reimagining your world. It is for those who want to make a difference on a global scale and who want to understand how global forces affect local outcomes.

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