The School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities is Kent State University's premier access point for students asking complex questions in pursuit of courageous answers.

Offering ten multidisciplinary minors and three majors, the School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities is a space where faculty and students explore some of our most challenging social questions. In our programs, students can:

  • examine the intersection of social identity structures and formal institutions;
  • conceptualize the linkages between local dynamics global trends;
  • understand the dynamics of oppression as well as the power of voice;
  • study the evolution of human rights and wrongs, the histories of collective suffering and collective action, the power of leadership in its various forms;
  • and identify and learn to deploy their own agency on issues they find important.

Because our programs are multidisciplinary and our commitment is to student success, the School is a place where students are able to explore the nuances of complex questions using a range of lenses, and be creative in their approach.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science." Albert Einstein

Are you interested in understanding how the lived experiences of Latinx communities in the US are shared through theater, poetry, or dance?

Or how language serves as a source and protector of community?

Are you curious about how imagery has been used to stereotype and to oppress -- and to liberate -- marginalized communities?

Do you wonder how oppression from "back then" speaks to the continued persecution of marginalized peoples today?

The School is home for students and faculty looking for that singular line that connects question to answer, while embracing the many intersections along the way. A single line -- many intersections. We are driven by the promise of inclusive inquiry, free of borders. As instructors and researchers, we know the benefits of multidisciplinarity; the value of methodological diversity; and the necessity of inclusion of experience, of perspective, and of voice. Learning and science cannot be accomplished behind a closed door. Our doors are open!

"No one is without knowledge except he who asks no questions" ~ African Proverb

One of the many strengths of Kent State University is the commitment to discovery, creativity, and invention. The School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities is an example of this commitment in action. Together, we embrace the challenge of complex questions, revel in the potential and promise of research, and celebrate the courage of discovery. To the curious and the creative, the explorers and innovators, you are welcome here!