Women's Studies
A word about us. We are an interdisciplinary minor program – though our sites are set on the future. As of Fall 2014, Women's Studies has moved to Arts & Sciences' new Center for Comparative and Integrative Programs. Here, we hope to grow - in fresh (and refreshed) partnerships towards critical, vital, sustainable ends that can and will benefit Kent State's students, faculty, our University community and those parts of the wideworld close by and distant -- within our reach.

We are part of a tradition inspired by a dynamic social movement— born in a historical moment often remembered as The Decade of Women.

The distinct presence of Women's Studies in U.S. higher education is a marker of sorts – marking a significant admission:  a big, old, recurring blindspot in mankind's quest for knowledge … and wisdom. The blindspot in a word: womankind. 

Women's Studies dares to put old 'truths" to the test—and dares, too, to listen hard, look closely, "meet the universe halfway" (to borrow the words of Karen Barad).  We trust that perspectives which can open, change and grow just might make the world better—and make us better, too. We are sworn to a very simple proposition:  If our understanding of ourselves--and our own kind--does not enable our understanding of others--of every kind, our endeavors have failed us. Indeed, we have seen, in history and in our lifetimes, the tragedies of misunderstanding--nowhere more bleak than when and where the narratives of some require a distorted, destructive redux of others.

About the Program

WMST colorful image with letters.Our program is sustained through a network of committed faculty across the curriculum who believe in the importance and value of such work.

In a nutshell, the KSU Women's Studies Program offers students a chance to experience the sort of vital, timely and ultimately necessary shifts in perspective that come from daring to re-consider "it" all—with the female half of the human race factored into the countless schemes-of-things— and not as 'the second sex.'  Rather, primary, fundamental, essential and real.

Moreover, in the world-as-is, there are ample opportunities awaiting students who've done their time in our field. 


Kent State's Women's Studies Program offers flexible and diverse coursework that taps into  the distinct scholarship across fields and disciplines known as Women's Studies.  The program also offers its own core courses:  a wide and continually refreshed variety of Special Topics courses,  the Colloquium in Women's Studies and Feminist Theory.

About the Director

Dr. Suzanne L. Holt is the Director of Women's Studies on the Kent Campus. Kent State's regional campuses also host women's studies programs; many of our affiliates hail from there.

Dr. Holt's recurring office hours vary semester by semester; students are encouraged to e-mail or call ahead 330-672-8042 for a confirmed meeting time. Various unforeseen demands and obligations can occasionally alter the Director's regimen; so ... if you do miss her, please leave a note with your name, number and a message.  Know for certain: Your interest in Women's Studies makes our day(s)!