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Women's Studies

A word about us. We are an interdisciplinary minor program – though our sites are set on the future.Here, we hope to grow - in fresh (and refreshed) partnerships towards critical, vital, sustainable ends that can and will benefit Kent State's students, faculty, our University community and those parts of the wideworld close by and distant -- within our reach.

Kent State's Women's Studies Program offers flexible and diverse coursework that taps into  the distinct scholarship across fields and disciplines known as Women's Studies.  The program also offers its own core courses:  a wide and continually refreshed variety of Special Topics courses,  the Colloquium in Women's Studies and Feminist Theory.

About the Director

Dr. Suzanne L. Holt is the Director of Women's Studies on the Kent Campus.

Her office is now located in 204 Cartwright Hall

Watch Dr. Holt in action as she discusses teaching "Hillary Clinton Case Study" at Kent State University. Here, our program is represented on " Forum 360" -
a television interview by Leslie Ungar, its host.

Forum 360 Interview


Dr. Holt's recurring office hours vary semester by semester; students are encouraged to e-mail or call ahead 330-672-8042 for a confirmed meeting time.



A description of Major requirements and course work can be found Here


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CSGS Courses



Spring 2018 Schedule


LGBT Courses


LGBT 20020

Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies

Instructor: Lauren Vachon



LGBT 40201

Introduction to Transgender Studies

Instructor: Lauren Vachon



LGBT 41198

LGBTQ Research Methods

Instructor: Lauren Vachon

TR 11:00-12:15


LGBT 30095

Special Topics in LGBTQ Studies- 3 credit hours “LGBTQ Representations in Popular Culture”

Instructor: Lauren Vachon

TR 12:30-1:45





WMST Courses


WMST 30000

Colloquium in Women’s Studies

Instructor: Suzanne Holt



WMST 30001

Feminist Theory

Instructor: Suzanne Holt



WMST 30095

Special Topics in Women’s Studies-3 credit hours “Women’s Rights and Contemporary Issues

Instructor: Suzanne Holt

T 6:35-9:20


WMST 30095

Special Topics in Women’s Studies-3 credit hours “The Female Body in Crisis”

Instructor: Suzanne Holt

 MW 5:30-6:45



LGBT Critical Perspectives

Professor Kevin Floyd

TR 2:15-3:30  


Full course description can be found Here