LGBTQ Studies Testimonials

"I am queer and was surrounded by queer friends and queer activism before coming to Kent State. This minor still taught me so much that every queer person needs to know. Learning our history, I am now able to build off of pioneer academics and activists in my future career towards LGBTQ+ equality, whether that's through political activism, nonprofit work, or just living my day to day life queer and informed."

“I chose to be a LGBT Studies minor because my major didn't address the unique needs of LGBTQ people in health. I thought it would be a nice way to supplement my major curriculum and incorporate material about the population I want to work with in public health. After graduating, I want to go into LGBTQ cultural competency in healthcare and continue pursuing the study of gender and sexuality in graduate school.”

“I am an LGBTQ+ Studies minor because I want to learn more about my people and our resilience, power and history.”