Faculty & Staff

Welcome to Kent State University’s paralegal program!
 I have the pleasure of serving as Director. I have a passion for the law and spent eight years as a full-time litigator. I have tried cases and argued before state and federal courts of appeals. 
I am continuously impressed by the energy and caliber of our paralegal students.

I am a strong believer in intellectual curiosity; it is the recipe to professional success. I want all students to have the intellectual curiosity that will help them to not only learn the program’s course material, but to challenge their classmates and myself to keep learning and developing.

I do not believe that students should be complacent in their educational journey. Complacency is a recipe for mediocrity. I believe that students should take ownership of their educational journey and embrace it. I believe that education is the ticket to autonomy. It provides the backdrop to make informed decisions about not only one’s career path, but also the society in which we live, and it provides the courage and confidence to challenge the status quo. I believe that education makes one a leader.

When faced with challenge or adversity, it should not define who one is. Giving up is not the solution; rather, something should be taken away from the experience that will cultivate growth. Additionally, we need to recognize that we all have different strengths, and we should collaborate with each other – this is part of the learning process. An element of a successful career requires us to get along with others. Part of one’s time in higher education is spent learning to professionally interact with individuals who may or may not have similar ideas, goals, or objectives. This is a skill that will set us apart from others and make us more productive and well-respected employees and citizens. This is a skill that will make us leaders.

Amanda M. Paar Conroy, Esq. Director, Paralegal Studies Program