The New Pangaea

The New Pangaea: Your Role in our Global Community

INTS 10504, MW 2:15 - 3:30, Fall 2024

When you throw your trash away, where is "away," ultimately? Where does your recycling go after the blue bucket is emptied? And who is making profit from that? How do consumer habits in the United States impact workers abroad? Where do U.S. patients go for healthcare needs that cannot be met in the U.S.? 


In The New Pangaea, students learn about all of the ways their daily lives already intersect with their global community, and learn about how they can deploy their agency to impact the issues to matter to them.  This is a class where students get to explore and develop the skills they need to lead intelligently -- locally and globally.


The New Pangaea takes a multidisciplinary approach to studying what globalization is and how we live it each and every day. As students learn, they become increasingly aware of their own, individual power in the devleopment of our community.

The course is open to all majors, has no pre-requisites, and fills a requirement for the International Relations/International Studies major.