International Friendship Program

The International Friendship Program pairs international students and scholars with Kent State faculty and staff members, along with their families, for the purpose of exchanging culture in a unique and fulfilling way.

What is the International Friendship Program?

  • Faculty/staff and students/scholars build relationships with each other through occasional visits to the home of faculty/staff for meals, going on outings in the region, attending Kent State events, and spending special occasions or holidays together.
  • Faculty/staff support students'/scholars' adjustment to college life at Kent State and transition into the U.S. by creating a welcoming environment and a "home away from home," although students will not be living with the faculty/staff partners.
  • Through the program, both international students/scholars and faculty/staff engage in intercultural dialogue, learn about a culture outside of their own, and, hopefully, create life-long friendships that extend beyond national borders.
  • The International Friendship Program is open to international undergraduate and graduate students attending Kent State University as well as scholars.
  • This program is open to faculty and staff at Kent State University. Kent State faculty and staff, as well as their families, will have the opportunity to learn about a new culture from the international student/scholars and develop an international friendship.

What Happens During the Academic Year/Semester?

  • Faculty/staff and students/scholars arrange to spend time together as often as mutually desired (both on-campus and off-campus).
  • Faculty/staff may invite their student/scholar to family events, informal meals, regional outings, holiday celebrations, athletic events, or anything that would enhance the student’s experience in the U.S.
  • Students/scholars may invite their faculty/staff partner and their families to attend on-campus events or meetings that are open to the public, especially if the student is involved in a campus organization.
  • Initially, the commitment for to be in the International Friendship Program would be for one semester or for a full academic year, depending on the length of the student’s program. Ideally, faculty/staff and students/scholars would be able to stay in touch with each other for the remainder of the student’s/scholar's academic experience, and beyond.

How Do I Get Involved in this Program?

  • We are no longer accepting sign-ups for this academic year. Please check back in Fall 2023 to sign up for academic year 2023-2024. 


    If you have any further questions about the International Friendship program, please direct your inquiries to