Careers in Library & Information Science

The resources listed below offer career guidance as well as job postings for qualified individuals seeking a career in the library and information science profession.

The School's main listserv (iSchool LISTERV) is also a good source of job information. Prospective employers often send us postings to share with our students. If you are not on the listserv but would like to be, email

Job Listings

Career Resources

Career Services at Kent State University

Career Exploration and Development at Kent State University offers numerous resources on its website, including tips for writing resumes and cover letters, networking, interviewing, conducting your job search and more.

Professional Organizations

Getting involved with a professional association is one of the best ways to enhance what you're learning in your classes -- and most of them have special rates for students or recent graduates. They offer specialized training, conferences, networking opportunities, job listings and more. Some of the groups below are national; others are based in Ohio. Students who are not in Ohio or who are looking to move to another area are encouraged to seek out the relevant organizations for that region. The School also supports several student organizations that are chapters of national organizations, which will give you a chance to meet future colleagues and learn about career opportunities.