Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations, Nov. 9, 2018

Session Title

A New Pedagogical Domain: Application of Extended Reality and Other Gizmos to Educate Today’s Students

Bill McCreary, The University of Toledo

Navigating the New: Integrating Technology in the Print Curriculum

Arron Foster

Integrating Virtual Reality in Business Classes

Haithem Zourrig

Engaging Students Remotely Across Campuses

Claudia Gomez & Velvet Landingham

3D Printing, Art, Design and Animal Habitats: Innovation Outreach at Bath Nature Preserve

Margarita Benitez & Markus Vogl

Getting Started with the Kent State Online Template (KSOT)!

Ben Hollis

Affordable Learning Using Digital Collections

Cindy Kristoff

Creating Interactive Online Texts - perspectives from a first-time author and publishing representative

Jeff Huston

Blogs: A Tool for Future Teachers

Rebecca Chism

Transforming Teaching Through Open Pedagogy

Mary Hricko

Approaches to introduce students to programming

Shannon Smith

Digital Research Management Tools

Paul Fehrmann

Learning Spanish language and Latin American culture with Kaltura, Google Drive and Blackboard Learn

Luis Hermosilla

College Students’ Multitasking Behavior in Online versus Face-to-Face Courses

Andrew Lepp

Creating Dynamic Web Stories with Adobe Spark Page

Tom Mahon

Gamifying Business Analytics: Leveling Up Student Learning

Amy Grincewicz & Rouzbeh Razavi

Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for Class and Online Office Hours

Wendy Tietz

Using 3D Printing in Science for Active Learning

Elena Novak

Public Speaking in Virtual Reality

James Hayes

Digital Tools for Flipped Classroom

LeighAnn Tomaswick

Templates for Student Success and Faculty Sanity

Phil Nelson, Brian Kelley & Casey Boyd-Swan

Vision Speech & Drawing

John Rathje