Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance Table 2021-09-16

Upcoming Planned Maintenance

9/21/2021 5:009/21/2021 5:30DegreeWorks MaintenanceGPS program updatesYes
9/21/2021 5:009/21/2021 7:00Banner Admissions UpdateUpdate to to extract Banner date into the Slate system after an Admissions decision is madeNo
9/21/2021 5:009/21/2021 5:30Banner Honors College UpdateUpdate view for Honors College application with student gender and international indicator if student is international undergradNo
9/21/2021 5:009/21/2021 7:00Outsystems IS UpdateUpdates to the Honors College FormNo
9/20/2021 8:309/20/2021 9:30CRM Advancement UpdateAdded new fields for Athletics to the Gift Processing case managementNo
9/19/2021 5:009/19/2021 7:00Banner Human Resources UpdateUpdated the Donee Dropdown listingNo
9/19/2021 2:009/19/2021 2:30Salesforce MaintenanceVendor updateNo
9/16/2021 5:009/16/2021 7:00Advising Pin load for Spring 2022Load Spring 2022 advising pinsNo
9/14/2021 6:009/14/2021 7:00KSU Mobile Configurator UpdateAdded ability for users to create posts as a campus entity instead of themselves and updated form validation.No
9/14/2021 6:009/14/2021 7:00CAB App UpdateEnhanced copying a previous entry.No
9/14/2021 5:009/14/2021 5:30DegreeWorks MaintenanceGPS program updatesYes
9/14/2021 5:009/14/2021 7:00Flashline UpdatesUpdate to improve user experience and overall performance enhancements.No
9/14/2021 5:009/14/2021 UpdateUpdates and enhancements to Kent State University's public web site (
9/12/2021 5:009/12/2021 7:00Faculty Early Alert Production UpdateAmended fields on faculty Early Alert production.No
9/12/2021 5:009/12/2021 7:00New Hire Portal UpdateDeleted old idle records in the Benefits Admin Portal table.No
9/12/2021 5:009/12/2021 5:30Banner Finaid UpdateUpdate the OCOG award amount table for 2122 and update the program to process decimal values.No
9/7/2021 5:009/7/2021 5:30Banner AOTS UpdateAdded student curriculum information (college, degree, major) to admissions data from Slate admissions into bannerNo
9/7/2021 5:009/7/2021 7:00Banner OCDE UpdateAdded the GOBSRID ID data field to the end of both Everspring extract filesNo
9/7/2021 5:009/7/2021 5:30DegreeWorks MaintenanceGPS program updatesYes
9/7/2021 5:009/7/2021 7:00Banner EMSA UpdateUpdated Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Calculation page based on position/job codesNo
9/7/2021 5:009/7/2021 UpdateUpdates and enhancements to Kent State University's public web site (
9/7/2021 2:509/7/2021 2:50Outsystems Systems Development UpdateText Change to Consent FormNo