Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance Table 2022-7-29

Upcoming Planned Maintenance

7/24/2022 5:007/24/2022 7:00Banner EMSA UpdateDKS Registration System for one day registration. The updates to the email for DKS 1 day confirmation, change, cancellation emailsNo
7/24/2022 5:007/24/2022 7:00Banner Financial Aid UpdateUpdate Banner job that extracts students to send to Campus Logic Scholarship Universe.No
7/26/2022 5:007/26/2022 5:30DegreeWorks MaintenanceGPS program updatesYes
7/28/2022 5:007/28/2022 7:00Banner HR/Payroll UpdateUpdate Banner process (PWPOPER) to accommodate a new deduction for our new common retirement contribution remitter, TIAA-CREF.No
7/28/2022 5:007/28/2022 7:00Banner Admissions UpdateUpdate Banner to Slate extract programs SWPBSX1 and SWPBSX2 to include additional banner dataNo
7/31/2022 5:007/31/2022 5:30Banner Admissions UpdateAdd first name, last name and term to output report for admissions slate job.No
8/2/2022 5:008/2/2022 5:30DegreeWorks MaintenanceGPS program updatesYes