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Thanks for your interest in KSUMobile's new Digital Assistant!

We're excited to see how you use our new feature! Make sure you have the KSUMobile app downloaded, then tap on the tools icon in the middle of the footer. Tap on the microphone attached to the search bar at the top of your screen, then start asking questions. Our Digital Assistant becomes smarter as it learns more of what you need to know, so don't hold back.

Feedback Form for KSUMobile's Digital Assistant

As of September 2022, the KSUMobile team confirms that the assistant can help you with anything in the below list. But push the limits! Ask it anything you can think of related to your Kent State experience. Please remember that this is still in development - it won't be as seamless as Alexa. But you can help us get there. 

If the Digital Assistant gets something wrong when it answers you, please tap the "This response is not correct" box that pops up after each question. And then let us know about your experience. You can go directly to our feedback form or scan the QR code on this page. Thanks again for partnering with the KSUMobile team. 

Currently, the Digital Assistant Can Help With:

Bus Info

  • Where is the campus loop bus right now?
  • What bus goes from Franklin Hall to the Student Center?
  • How do I get to the library on the bus

campus events

  • What's happening on September 20th?
  • What's happening today in Ashtabula?  
  • When does Spring Break start?
  • Where is the homecoming game?
  • When is Coffee Culture and Connections?

Class Schedule

  • What classes do I have today?
  • What is my first class tomorrow?
  • What classes do I have this week?
  • What's my schedule next week?


  • Where can I park to go to the rec center?
  • Where can I park?
  • Where is the closest parking to Johnson Hall?
  • Where do I park to go to the library?
  • I need to park at the math building.


  • Is it snowing in Ashtabula?
  • Give me the forecast for today.
  • What's the weather tomorrow?
  • Give me the forecast for today.
  • What's the weather tomorrow?
  • What's it like outside?
  • What's the weather in Kent?


  • When homecoming happens Tuesday send me an alert.
  • Give me a reminder to eat breakfast at 9am.
  • Notify me when campus loop goes to the student center.

other basic questions

  • What is my Flash Card / Flash Cash balance?
  • What is my GPA?
  • What is my meal plan balance?
  • What parking permit do I have?