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Sep. 07, 2022
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app development
Sep. 07, 2022
By: Haifa Alsaab, Staff Writer, Division of Information Technology
Pantheon and Kent State. Web hosting in a flash.
By Systems Development and Innovations
Jun. 22, 2020
Introducing Pantheon: a modern, optimized web hosting platform for Drupal. As we continue to leverage the power of Drupal and cloud architecture, we're proud to be moving to Pantheon's container-based hosting model to support our growth. This means a website that's fast, secure,...
Homecoming Rock
Dec. 09, 2019
Homecoming Weekend: a showcase of Kent Stater pride throughout the campus in hues of navy blue and gold. The commemoration was a wonderful, fun-filled weekend kicked off by our very own President Todd Diacon as the 2019 Grand Marshall. Behind the scenes, Systems Development and I...
OutSystems User Group screenshot
Nov. 06, 2019
About The OutSystems meetup on September 19th was hosted by Stanley Steemer at their corporate headquarters in Columbus, OH. Attendees consisted of developers and administrators from several organizations in the region that utilize the OutSystems development platform, including...
Back to School Blastoff
Oct. 30, 2019
Being lost on campus, lugging textbooks from one building to another, missing the bus countless of times and spending lavishly on Meal Plan weren’t my ideal plans as a first-year student. My greatest achievement back then was ‘Freshman 15’. Flash forward to senior year now as I p...
busy desk with laptops, coffee, and papers
Apr. 25, 2019
There are many different types of positions in a department like Systems Development and Innovation, and each day can look totally different for every member of a team. Here is what a day in the life is like for some of the people in just three of our positions!
Computer on a desk with coffee mug and notebooks
Feb. 20, 2019
As technology’s role in education becomes more significant – with most colleges and universities having an interactive website for their institution, many students opting to take online courses, and grades and assignments being shared, submitted, and viewed online – the need for...
The KSU Kickoff App enables incoming freshmen to become acquainted with their university
By Jordan King
Oct. 19, 2018
When I think back to my first weekend as a Kent State freshman, I cringe a little bit. Though it has been four years since I attended Kickoff (it was known as “Welcome Weekend” at the time), I can still remember how I felt walking around campus for the first time: attending convo...
The CAB app makes it easier to implement changes
By Jordan King
Aug. 01, 2018
Adaptation. It’s what allows organizations to thrive in an ever-changing world. Implemented effectively, it guarantees continued success. But inevitably, with change comes logistical troubleshooting. How can organizations ensure that adaptations can be made--and without disruptin...