User Experience Design

It is not enough to create digital products that work correctly; SDI creates and continuously improves our products by prioritizing the needs and reactions of Kent State users. UX advocates for products that are easy-to-use, pleasing to interact with, and built with the same tools and frameworks users value in other products.

Specifically, the UX team works to design and test user-centered interfaces and develop content strategy with the primary goal of continually improving the experience being provided for users.

This includes...

  • developing and maintaining design systems and components libraries
  • improving the accessibility of products and services
  • conducting user research and testing
  • labeling and structuring content to support both usability and findability
  • and more!

In doing so, UX Design allows Systems Development and Innovations to not only make digital products easier to use, but ultimately works to provide a universally captivating experience for all users.