Homecoming: A Heartwarming Celebration

Homecoming Weekend: a showcase of Kent Stater pride throughout the campus in hues of navy blue and gold. The commemoration was a wonderful, fun-filled weekend kicked off by our very own President Todd Diacon as the 2019 Grand Marshall. Behind the scenes, Systems Development and Innovation (SDI) developed the highly anticipated the KentHC App, that displayed homecoming activities and resources. The app was tailored to display the events of the weekend, including the romantic Kiss on the K, the Homecoming KSU vs. BGSU Football game, the Alumni Awards ceremony and the homecoming parade. By downloading the KentHC App, the Kent community could conveniently look up locations and details of the programs throughout the event. The ‘Scan-to-Win’ activity was a favorite, as participants rushed to scan codes with their phones for a chance to win prizes. This feature alone garnered over 1,000 unique scans. As for the Homecoming Royalty, this year, participants could conveniently cast their votes on the Election Voting Manager on the Homecoming website. The feature was a collaboration between Kent State University Alumni Association and SDI. Gone are the days of voting via Scantron or paper ballots. Instead, students could vote for their choice of candidates in a couple easy clicks. The user-friendly website helped users stay organized and enjoy the celebration, whereas the KentHC App encouraged tremendous involvement in the events with more than 3,000 views on the event page alone over the weekend. Feedback from over 100 users of the app was greatly appreciated as SDI hopes to help make homecoming even grander and more enjoyable next year.


“The Homecoming App was convenient and really easy to use!” Anonymous User



UPDATED: Friday, December 09, 2022 09:43 AM
Elena Neoh