Pioneer: A New Way for SD&I to Bring KSU Closer

Since fall 2017, Information Services has been developing its new Pioneer Program, which will present an opportunity unlike any other before. IS has been testing its functionality internally to discover what works best about the program and what could be improved upon, and it will be exclusively released to the KSU community in the coming months. Naturally, the department is more than excited for this release. Here’s why you should be, too.

Program Overview

  • The goal of the Kent State University Pioneer Program is to better understand both the needs of the Kent State University community, as well as the challenges they discover in using new digital products, applications, and interfaces developed by KSU. To reach this goal, therefore, our teams rely heavily on user feedback from a diverse KSU community using its products and services, helping ensure that what it produces is verifiably accessible and efficient for all.
  • The Pioneer Program aims to help do just that. By taking part in it, you will be provided the opportunity to directly assist our teams in developing brand new products with unique functionalities. Specifically, you will be asked to use the product/service for a period of time and then report back on your experiences.
  • Our team of experienced developers will be available to help with any issues you may have during the process, including helping you learn the ins and outs of how the products operate.
  • We invite you to take part in this program, and we sincerely value the unique insight you provide!

What’s in it for You?

  • As a Pioneer, not only will be the first to have access to cutting edge applications being developed by us--but you will also have the unique opportunity to provide feedback regarding your experiences, helping inform what works and what could be improved.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Those who qualify to participate will be current Kent State University students, faculty, and staff.
  • Because we value your feedback, if you apply to participate in the Pioneer Program, it is expected  that thoughtful user responses will be provided accordingly. This will include reporting back on experiences on a semi-consistent basis, primarily through period surveys and five-minute engagements (e.g., click tests, preference tests, and brief usability tests).

How it Will Work (New)

What Pioneers are Saying

"The new UI feels cleaner, faster, and brighter and I have had no trouble finding any of the places within FlashLine that I need to navigate to within the new UI."

"LOVE the slide-out menus for the sidebar navigation as opposed to the accordion approach."

"Wow – loving the new design. Very clean and streamlined UI. Great work on the new look and cleaner dashboards."

A Brighter Future

In the nature of IS’s mission statement, no project is ever totally complete; it can always be revised and expanded upon. A particular update that will potentially be implemented in the near future is providing the KSU community with the opportunity to see other Pioneer’s feedback--not unlike a forum board. This will ultimately help build a stronger network/community within the KSU community. After all, the Pioneer Program exists to serve the KSU community, and therefore, it cannot thrive without YOUR valued input. We hope you become a Pioneer!

POSTED: Friday, April 27, 2018 12:10 PM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 03:06 AM
Jordan King