What We Do

Systems Development services designs dynamic, user-friendly products and services for all KSU students and staff. In the process, the division consistently looks to meet the needs of its diverse user population. Recent projects have included developing FlashLine’s Events Calendar, redesigning the KSUMobile app, and crafting a standardized New Employee Checklist. Find out more about what we do and follow us on Twitter (@ksuplatforms) to stay up to date on current projects!

What We Do


FlashLine Portal

Built upon Drupal and hosted in the Cloud, FlashLine Portal acts as a central hub for the entire KSU online community

KSUMobile Image

KSUMobile Application

With over 4,000 people using the KSUMobile app on both the Apple iOS and Android platforms, and with an average 70 new users each day, the KSUMobile app is a staple feature of the Kent State experience for students and faculty.

Content Management and Search

Content Management Systems and Search

This service supports the web presence for all of the university’s schools, colleges, departments, divisions, and regional campuses.

Mobile and Web application Development

Mobile and Web Application Development

The Mobile App Development Team designs, tests, creates, and supports many of the desktop and mobile applications used at Kent State, including more than forty workflows and backend management applications.

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User Experience Design

Otherwise known as UX, this service focuses on how users feel when interacting with computer systems and devices.