The Jewish Studies minor enables students enrolled in any major to be inspired by and to learn from expert scholars in the field of Jewish Studies.

Here, students are able to gain knowledge of the culture, language, literature, history, philosophy, and religious customs of the Jewish people from antiquity to the present.

Why Jewish Studies?

Students in the Jewish Studies program have the opportunity to share educational and active experiences with peers across disparate majors, areas of expertise, and backgrounds. Because the minor is situated within a multidisciplinary school, and because the program is open to students of any major across the University, our classrooms benefit from insights and perspectives brought by diverse learning backgrounds and perspectives.

The program also offers a range of opportunities outside of the classroom. Students often gain applied experience working in internships; benefit from our faculty-led study abroad programs; and attend special campus events. Working collaboratively with student and other community organizations, we are able to bring in world-class domestic and international scholars and speakers.

In Hebrew we say: ללמוד ולעשות "To learn and to act." The focus of the Jewish Studies Program at Kent State University is “lilmod V’la-asot,” or “to learn and to do.” The goal is for students to study the various aspects of Jewish life and history, while learning that study alone is not enough. We encourage our students to be engaged with the world around them through our scholarship, internships, and study away and abroad opportunities. If not now, when...?

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