Our minor in Jewish Studies enables students enrolled in any major to become acquainted with and gain knowledge of all aspects of Jewish history, life, and culture.

Why Jewish Studies

Students get the opportunity to share educational and active experiences with both similar peers and those from many disparate backgrounds. The Jewish Studies minor also offers a generous scholarship for those students who take the required courses and maintain a certain GPA.

Jewish Studies Program (JSP) minors can take advantage of many other wonderful aspects of the program. For example, there are annual internship opportunities, study abroad programs and special campus events sponsored by JSP, including world class domestic and international scholars and speakers. The focus of the Jewish Studies Program is “lilmod V’la-asot,” or to learn and to do. The goal is for students to study the various aspects of Jewish life and history and to ultimately engage with the world around them.

Our goals are simple:

  • To increase enrollment in the Jewish Studies minor;
  • To create collaborative partnerships with other departments and programs on campus in order to offer varied courses and activities; and
  • To enrich student life by bringing exciting and relevant speakers, films, music and exhibits to our campus.

In Hebrew we say: ללמוד ולעשות "To learn and to act." Study alone is not enough. We expect (and will help) our students to be engaged with the world around them. We encourage you to explore our scholarship, internship and study abroad opportunities. If not now, when...?

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