This trip was a former study abroad program run by the College of the Arts and Sciences in the hopes of sharing the local culture, heritage, and diversity of Israel with KSU students. It does not currently run, but discussion about the program is always welcome with Professor Chaya Kessler.

Comparative Religious Thought

Offered alongside the study abroad experience was a Comparative Religious Thought course. It was a standard philosophy course offered by Kent State University, that began running as a study abroad course in Israel. Students studied Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i, Zoroastrianism and the ancient religious traditions of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Babylonians. This three-credit hour course was taught by Dr. David Odell-Scott, chair of Kent State’s Department of Philosophy, and formerly counted as a Humanities CORE and Global Diversity course. Chaya Kessler, director of Jewish Studies at Kent State and a native of Israel, had accompanied Odell-Scott as an instructor of record and translator. Contact Chaya Kessler at if you would like to discuss currently offered alternatives for study abroad.